Claire Montez

“I have been taking private Portuguese lessons with Jana through Extra-Language for the past 3 years and it’s been really great. Jana has managed to make me progress from a very hesitant Portuguese speaker to a confident chattering one. It’s made a real difference for me when I visit my in-laws and my husband’s friends: I can now understand everything and participate in the conversation! Jana took the time to understand who I was and adapted the program to my needs and style of learning. My classes are after a long day’s work and Jana is flexible enough to adapt the class to how much energy I have. She is always proposing new activities, topics for discussion and mediums for learning.We have listened to Brazilian music, watched Brazilian films, talked over a glass of wine and of course done exercises on paper to formalise everything.It’s this diversity that has made me look forward to her class every week and sustained them for so long.  I would recommend Jana any day!” – Claire Montez