Madelyn Puente

“Working with Kenya over the last year of Portuguese study has been a fantastic experience. Kenya has a thorough and professional approach to her teaching while remaining flexible to my personal objectives and abilities. Our classes always strike a good balance between technical study, culture and conversation; whatever the subject, Kenya is able to facilitate conversation and fluency. She keeps the lessons very fresh and interesting, and is happy to focus on my interests (preparing for a trip to Brazil, preparing for the CELPE-Bras proficiency exam) or make suggestions for something new. Even after working a long and stressful day I always look forward to the classes as the highlight of my week. Finally, the convenience of the class is really invaluable as we meet directly at my office and can schedule around my often unpredictable schedule.  The best part about working with Kenya has been my significant improvement over the year in both speaking and comprehension. The Brazilians I meet always tell me that my teacher must be excellent – I take their word for it!Madelyn Puente