David and Ellie Flaxen

“We have been studying Portuguese with Jana for several months now and find it really enjoyable. Jana is an excellent teacher. As a retired teacher myself, I appreciate her methods and expertise. She is very organised, with lessons always well planned, but at the same time she is also very flexible and able to adapt and tailor her plans to our needs. Her lessons are never dull. They are inventive, employing a wide range of teaching aids (magazines, CD’s and an amazing range of websites to help us). Jana’s enthusiasm and irresistible sense of humour keep us well engaged during the lessons.We have just returned from our first visit to Brazil, where we met the family and friends of our Brazilian son-in-law. Many did not speak English but we found that we could cope. David even made a speech in Portuguese which was very well received at a party celebrating our daughter’s marriage. We’ve still got a long way to go to become fluent in Portuguese, but we now feel that it’s possible, especially with Jana’s supportive and energising help.”   – David and Ellie Flaxen