O alfabeto (The alphabet)


With the 1990 Portuguese Language Orthographic Agreement * taking effect in Brazil on 1st January 2009, the alphabet is now composed of 26 letters (W, K and Y were included, used only for borrowed words from other languages, places, names and measurement units).


Click on the letter to listen (name of the letter in brackets).

A (a)H (agá)O (o)V (vê)
B (bê)I (i)P (pê)W (dablio)
C (cê)J (jota)Q (quê)X (xis)
D (dê)K (cá)R (erre)Y (ipslon)
E (e)L (ele)S (esse)Z (zê)
F (efe)M (eme)T (tê)
G (gê)N (ene)U (u)


 * In Portuguese.